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Considering Hair Color?

You want to try hair coloring, but are unsure of how to begin. Well, you’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, Gerard Bollei Salon has been working their color magic on NYC’s A-list clientele, giving them the perfect shade whether it is for the boardroom, runway or red carpet. Our team of Master Colorists creates custom-colors that are absolute perfection each and every time!

Why Gerard Bollei Salon?

NYC is known for its beauty salons that create amazing styles and trend-setting colors with ease. Yet, only a handful of these salons last past a generation because New Yorkers are known for being fickle: today’s favorites soon become yesterday’s has-beens in NYC. There is, however, a salon whose longevity is legendary; since 1965, Gerard Bollei Salon has been at the forefront of NYC’s beauty scene. Its dominance is based upon the talent of its diverse staff as well as its reputation for having the best hair color department in NYC.

There, clients find experts in highlighting, low lighting, balayage, single and double-process, color glazes, hair bronzing, tonal shadings, and so much more! Many of these colorists have worked with top color companies to develop new techniques and shadings. Working together with top designers, models, and photographers has given Gerard Bollei’s Color Team an edge: hands-on experience that no other salon has in terms of quantity and quality. Gerard Bollei Salon is so well known for its hair color repair expertise, that many stylists send their corrective hair color clients to them for fixing. So…when you just have to have the best hair color in NYC, the best place to go is Gerard Bollei Salon.

Common Hair Color Problems:

Dull Hair?

The simplest and best solution is a color glaze to bring out the shine and warmth of your natural hair color. Want more of a change? Add a little or lots of highlights, depending upon how much of a change you want.

Want To Go Lighter?

Your own hair color is too dark so we would highlight it with a combination of red, honey, and bronze shadings to create a more intriguing look.

Want to Go Darker?

You feel washed out and feel that a darker color would bring out your eye color… A darker glaze would add a subtle depth or, if you want to go further, we would lowlight your hair with deeper shades.

At Gerard Bollei, our main focus is to maintain your hair’s vitality and health. That is why we have developed Bollei Blends, our salon-tested line of hair products to keep your color-treated hair looking and feeling its best.

Selected as a L’Oreal Professional Salon, Gerard Bollei’s multi-talented NYC hair coloring team specializes in natural tonalities and subtle shadings. Their credo? “It’s all about the hair.”

The Gerard Bollei staff are experts in all areas of hair care; however, our crème-de-la-crème is Hair Color Repair. Gerard Bollei’s team of Master Colorists is renowned for their ability to reverse color damage. Whether the color is too brassy, too dark, has too much ash or is just plain awful, they can miraculously correct the problem without damaging your hair!

Check this out:

Gerard Bollei is also pleased to offer a “natural-lighting” viewing room to allow you to truly see the beautiful hair coloring results.

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