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NYC Professional Eyebrow Shaping

Named “Best in Brows” by Time Out New York

Eyebrows are an often-neglected area of the face, but they hold the key to your sense of style. One need simply think of stars such as Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Brooke Shields to understand their importance to the overall “Look.”
Today, many aestheticians attempt to master the art of eyebrow shaping, but only a small handful are true brow artists. The secret lies in knowing just where to begin and end the crucial arch to make the brow appear natural to the facial features, yet stylized with perfect precision. The results are amazingly subtle, but altogether remarkable.
There is no set recipe for eyebrow shaping because every face is different from the other. That is why it is a truly customized service, designed to suit the individual features. The right shape can open up the face, bring out cheekbones, reframe the eyes and even brighten the whole look like a mini-face-lift.

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