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Facials & Skin Care

NYC Skin Treatments

Come to our spa floor to experience an oasis of serenity and well-being in the center of Manhattan. Skin care is of primary importance at Gerard Bollei. Our skin care experts are constantly researching new techniques and services to “renew” our clients. In addition to an all-inclusive roster of facial treatments and supplementary services, we are also pleased at this time to offer the following specialized facial treatment services: Bio-Facials, Manual Lymph Drainage, Acupressure Facials, Reflexology Treatments, Anti-Acne Peels, Microdermabrasion, Pre- and Post-Operative Facials and much more.  We also offer specially priced series on all of our skin care treatments, which allow you to effectively maintain your skin and save you money at the same time.

Facial Treatments

It is never too early to start taking care of your skin by having a facial treatment. Many teenagers will wash their face with whatever soap they find in the shower, but if you begin proper skin care at an early age, you will always look 10 years younger than you really are!
Our standard European facial treatment is a hands-on delicacy that lasts one hour and includes thorough cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Supplementary masks are prescribed according to your individual skin type. These may include a Relaxing Purifying Mask, an anti-oxidant Lavender and Rosemary Mask, an exfoliating Papaya Mask, the regenerative 4-layer Mask by Repechage (especially recommended for pre-and post-cosmetic surgery), the nourishing Seaweed mask or any number of other customized “Skin Cocktails” that your aesthetician can create especially for your specific needs.
Special touches include paraffin hand and foot treatments, micro-peels, “Instant Glow Express Lifts,” Anti-Acne Peels for teens and special days, and Firming Eye Lifts.
Monthly facial treatments are highly recommended for everyone: men, women and teens. These luxurious procedures help maintain the skin’s beauty. Included is a personal prescription for at-home use of products that may be refilled as needed.

Back Exfoliation Treatment

Since most of us cannot see those hidden blemishes and other imperfections hidden away on our backs, back exfoliation treatments are crucial when going backless or wearing swimsuits. These treatements are especially helpful for those who exercise often as excessive sweating causes the body’s toxins to enter and remain in the enlarged pores on the back, causing blackheads and other breakouts. During this 45-minute treatment, the skin is cleansed, blemishes are extracted and a peeling cream is applied. The back exfoliation treatment is finished with a mask appropriate for the client’s skin type. Now you can go backless without fear!