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Color.  To color or not to color, that is the question.  The answer is … it depends.

•  Color can be as simple as a single process to cover gray hair; it can be strategic, to add back a little pepper to your salt-and-pepper hair; it can be cool to change from one color to another; it can be used in many ways to keep you looking your best.  So if you’re considering color, keep in mind that coloring hair, and adding highlights and lowlights are for men too!

•  Have you started noticing more gray hairs on your head or do you see a full head of gray hair when you look in the mirror?  Gray hair isn’t exclusively for older people.  More and more people are seeing gray hair on their head at younger ages.  On the bright side, gray hair can make a man look distinguished, worldly, sophisticated, and intelligent.  But, it can also make a man look old.

Embrace Your Gray Hair.  If you’re retired, the CEO of a company, or just love your gray hair, and want to stay gray, then do it, stay gray.

Hide Your Gray Hair.  If you’re competing in the market place with younger people, then keeping your gray hair may not be the best choice.  Luckily you have options and, in a highly competitive job market, coloring your hair may give you an advantage.  You can’t fake experience, either you have it or you don’t, and experience usually comes with age.  But a youthful look, that’s a different story.  Cover gray hair and most people immediately look years younger.

Enhance Your Gray Hair.  Do you like your gray hair, but wish it looked better?  Highlights and lowlights can be added to enhance your gray hair and make it striking.   Color is carefully placed in different areas of your hair so it looks natural.  A darker color can be used to create a natural looking salt-and-pepper effect.

Choose Gray Hair.  That’s right, gray hair as a choice.  More and more people without naturally gray hair are choosing gray as their hair color.  Since the gray is added, you choose the way it looks, not nature.  Silver and platinum color can be used to make your hair look amazing and vibrant.

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Cut.  The right cut and hairstyle can make all the difference.  While men’s hairstyles tend to change significantly slower than women’s hairstyles, it may be time for you to rethink your current cut and style.  Whether you’re looking for a minor tweaking of your current look or a drastic change, Gerard Bollei® Salon’s professionals are here to guide you in choosing the right haircut and style that best suits your personal and career needs.  We create signature haircuts for men of all ages and hair types (including hair that is curly, straight, thinning, or thick).

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Straightening.  Bad hair days are not just a woman’s problem.  Men suffer from them too.  If your hair is difficult or unruly, a straightening process may be what you need to get your hair back under control.

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Bollei Blends Hair Care Products.  Gerard Bollei® Salon created Bollei Blends … a line of specialty shampoos and conditioners … to help our clients maintain the health and strength of their hair.  Bollei Blends consist of a combination of natural herbs and aromatherapeutic and other ingredients formulated to get at the root of most hair problems.

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facials for menFacials.  You eat right, exercise, visit your doctor and dentist for regular check-ups, (or not), but what about your skin?  Why ignore it?  Soap and water certainly have their purpose, but soap and water tend to dry your skin which isn’t good.  Facials, on the other hand, clean your skin more thoroughly, remove dirt, oil, and other build up on the skin, clear out your pores, and leave your skin moisturized.  Maintaining your skin is easy.  So stop neglecting it and schedule a facial.  Our professionals will design a facial treatment or series of treatments specifically for you and your skin needs. At Gerard Bollei® Salon, we offer facials for the face and back.

We know privacy is important to you, so all of our facial treatments are performed in private rooms.

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waxing and electrolysis for menWaxing.  Remove excess hair from your back, chest, neck, eyebrows, ears, nose, even arms and legs.  Waxing removes hair from below the skin’s surface making the results last longer than shaving.

We know privacy is important to you, so all of our waxing services are performed in private rooms.

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Electrolysis.  Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method.  Over time, electrolysis treatments kill the hair completely.

We know privacy is important to you, so all of our electrolysis treatments are performed in a private room.

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Spray Tan.  Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your tan has to end.  Keep that outdoor look year-round with a Bollei Bronze spray tan.  It’s safe.  There are no harmful UV rays.  It’s easy.  We do all the work.  It’s fast.  You should be in and out of Gerard Bollei® Salon in about 30 minutes.

We know privacy is important to you, so all of our Bollei Bronze Spray Tan treatments are performed in a private room.

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Manicures and Pedicures.  Manicures (for hands) and pedicures (for feet) are maintenance and care for your hands, feet, and nails.  They are not just about colorful nails; they are about keeping your hands, feet, and nails healthy and clean.  The treatments include a relaxing hand/foot soak, stress-relieving mini hand/foot massage, cut, file, and shaping of your nails and more.  For an additional charge, you can have a longer hand massage during your manicure or foot massage during your pedicure.   Just ask the technician.  Clear polish is an option to keep your nails protected.  Opt for a no polish manicure and pedicure for a sporty, buffed look.

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Complimentary Consultations.  Gerard Bollei® Salon offers complimentary consultations for all of our services.  During the complimentary consultation, you and one of our professionals can discuss the various options that may be available and the prices associated with those options.

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