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Best Hair Extensions in NYC

Gerard Bollei Salon, NYC offers hair extension techniques that serve the needs of clients seeking either a temporary or a more permanent look. The choice of process is determined at the time of the complimentary consultation (Book One Now!) depending on each client’s individual needs and wants.
Our hair extensions experts advise that anyone seeking hair extensions must first begin with a full analysis of their hair during a complimentary consultation with an extension expert. During that time, your needs and desires will be reviewed in order to determine which extensions would best suit your individual needs. Our consultations are complimentary, so book your extension consultation now.
Hair Extensions at Gerard Bollei Salon in NYC are a fantastic way to quickly change your look in a very short period of time. Why change?  Well…perhaps you are:
Getting Married? Hair extensions will add length, body, and that all-important wow factor to your wedding day look, honeymoon, and beyond, if you so choose.
Going to a Special Event? Whether it is a VIP red-carpet occasion, your best friend’s wedding, a class reunion, or an important date, hair extensions will generate the buzz you seek.
Tired of the same old/same old? Hair extensions will create a whole new look without having to wait 6 months or more for your hair to grow…which will give you many more styling options: braids, ponytails, up-dos, to-the-side, fun and easy clip-on bangs, or whatever else suits your mood or the occasion.
Worried About Your Thinning Hair? Thinning hair may be caused by a variety of factors. Today, however, your numerous choices would encompass a variety of custom-blends.
Once you and our extensions experts select the best option for you, your stylist will custom order the extension hair to match your individual hair color and texture.
Afterwards, your stylist will prescribe a maintenance and follow up plan. Hair extensions require proper care so it is important that you follow your stylist’s instructions. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, either before or after the treatment, ask questions.
If you have any questions about our hair extension services Contact Us or Book An Appointment today!