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Getting It Straight

Tired of frizzy, curly or wavy hair?

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The crucial ingredient in our hair straightening process is keratin, an insoluble protein that forms the basic component of human hair.  Keratin causes no damage because it adheres to the hair shaft, instead of penetrating it. By sealing the keratin-based formula onto the outer layer of the hair cuticle, the Bollei Getting It Straight treatment locks in moisture, hydrates the hair, and gives it a shiny finish.

Getting It Straight can be applied over hair that has been previously straightened, colored, relaxed, highlighted, or chemically treated and results in super-straight locks that should last 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance.
This treatment contains no formaldehyde and leaves hair frizz-free even in 100% humidity.  Formulated with no harsh chemicals, this method requires no protective mask.  The Bollei staff advises air-drying the hair to save time and eliminate dryer stress on hair.  This wash-and-go style has freed unruly-haired salon clients from weekly (and sometimes daily) blowouts, while, at the same time, keeping hair healthy and strong.

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

This hair straightener changes the texture of the hair from curly and frizzy to straight and sleek with the use of ceramic flat irons that heat the inner cortex of the hair to 180 degrees F.  The process leaves hair resistant to humidity (bye-bye bad hair days!), shiny and perfectly straight, even when wet.  A preliminary consultation is required.

The Japanese Thermal Reconditioning Process

  1. Opening the cuticle with thermal solution
  2. Heating the hair cuticle
  3. Neutralizing, or shrinking the cuticle into its new shape

The entire procedure takes approximately 3 hours.

With thermal reconditioning, because the hair is pressed straight, shine is the result and frizz is removed for the life of that hair.  You may ask how this differs from conventional relaxers.  A relaxer uses only chemicals to straighten hair.  Then the chemical is combed through the hair repeatedly until the bend is literally removed from the hair.  The result of the relaxer process leaves the hair looking lifeless and dull, and frizz is never removed.

Japanese Thermal Straightening is never booked without a  prior consultation to analyze your hair. It is not recommended for bleached or previously relaxed hair. If you have any questions about our hair straightening services Contact Us or Book An Appointment today!