Gerard Bollei Salon



Waxing & Hair Removal For Men & Women

Waxing treatments at Gerard Bollei Salon are available to both men and women. The service is always performed in private rooms that offer both comfort and serenity.

Our waxing services cover the following areas:

– Legs: upper leg, lower leg, & whole leg

– Arms: upper arm, lower arm, whole arm, & underarm

– Bikini (including Brazilian)

– Brows, Nose, Ears, Back, Fingers, Lip, Chin, & Nape


FAQ’s on Waxing:

Q: Time Out New York Magazine has listed your name as one of the Best in NY for eyebrows. What’s your secret?

A: Eyebrow guru Nelly Rudman first waxes the brows with allantoin-based wax to clean them. Since waxing alone cannot adequately define the individual shape, Nelly follows the waxing with tweezing to sculpt the brow. This is followed with an application of an anti-inflammatory cream to remove any redness and prevent breakouts.
Q: How early can you begin waxing?

A: As early as possible – pre-teen or early teens is best because the re-growth is both lighter and slower than it would be if you started waxing in your late teens or early twenties. It is best to begin before you even start to shave for the best results.
To counteract sensitivity, Gerard Bollei has jojoba-oil-based wax available as well as honey and azulene waxes. From eyebrows to full leg… ears to full back…or nape to upper lip, our waxing technicians gently remove hair with precision and an experienced hand.
The Gerard Bollei staff excels in all areas of waxing and hair removal from eyebrows to Brazilian. If you have any questions about our waxing services Contact Us or Book An Appointment today!